Learning Should Always Be Fun

We provide tutoring in all subjects

Pre-school and kindergarten program

In-home tutoring

Private and group sessions at our centre

EQAO preparation

French classes (beginner and intermediate)

ESL and IELTS classes

Special reading and math program

We have tutors from many disciplines and we specialize in working with children who have exceptionalities

We provide a discounted rate for our families who are receiving Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program

Our program has been proven to boost confidence and grades


Homework Support

Our instructors provide homework support for your children. Your child may not have grasped the concepts taught in school, or they may need additional support with homework. We will teach them strategies and provide a step by step method to ensure your child receives the help they need.
Literacy Building Reading and Writing
We offer a reading program for students who need to learn how to read or upgrade their skills. Your child will learn literacy skills. We will enrich their reading and writing skills with our unique curriculum and give them the tools needed to be success.

Math/Foundations Building

Many students dislike math because of the numbers, algebra, complex equations, and calculations. Our math curriculum is designed to fill gaps in learning. Our instructors provide a variety of teaching methods that incorporate manipulatives to help our students learn. Our foundation’s package is for students that struggle with math. We ensure that the foundation for math is strong, so the student can work their way up to be competent in math. Students learn a variety of concepts and strategies that address the strands in the Ontario Curriculum.

Language Arts

With our unique curriculum in English, we provide our students with life skills. Students learn how to write sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Students learn grammar, punctuation, spelling, and we expand their vocabulary.


We are proud to announce our new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), class. STEM education allows students to engage in critical thinking while gaining knowledge of real-life situations.


Art class is an excellent way for your child to explore their creativity. Students explore a range of painting techniques, digital illustrations, drawing, and their own unique style.


French class is an excellent way for your child to improve their writing, reading, and communication skills. Our French instructors provide fun and engaging lessons to keep your child motivated.

Kindergarten Program (Age 3-5)

Research shows that the early years are integral in creating a path to a successful future. Early exposure to education gives a child a healthy appetite for learning. Your little ones will have a fun time in our kindergarten program. We teach our students how to write their names, letter and number recognition, phonics, and much more. We create a space where children feel safe and accepted.