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The PLC method aims to build confidence and provide the student with the necessary tools to be successful throughout their life. We are Passionate about Learning in our Centre.
Our trained instructors teach our students how to understand and learn new concepts and strategies in English, French, math, and science. At Pinney Learning Centre, our teaching method caters to your needs while building on your strengths. Our curriculum is designed around and teaches the Ontario Curriculum. Whatever level your child is at, we aim to bring them higher. Our step by step method ensure that children understand the concepts and learn strategies to be successful. Our academic coaching is provided in a safe space where children feel accepted and have a sense of belonging.

Why Choose Pinney Learning Centre?

If your child is struggling in school, you can make a turn in the right direction. “Failure is not final unless you give up” (unknown). Does your child have a learning disability? Does your child have autism? Does your child have ADHD/ADD? Is your child on an IEP? We support children in all grades and skill levels. We help our students maximize their full potential. If you are looking for a tutor, Pinney Learning Centre is the best choice. We provide trained instructors and a free comprehensive assessment.


Learning Pods

We are pleased to offer learning pods for elementary students (k-6) during these times of uncertainty. A learning pod is a group of children joined by their abilities and paired with an experienced teacher to support their learning. Students will remain enrolled in their school while being a part of our online learning community. Our learning pods are designed to enhance knowledge, understanding, communication, and application skills.

Parents should never have to choose between education, health and safety. Students will learn from the comfort of their own homes without compromising their health.

Each learning pod will have an Ontario Certified Teacher that specializes in English, mathematics or French. There will only be 3-8 students in each pod to allow each student to gain more attention from the teacher.

  1. Gather 3-8 students and we will pair you with one of our experienced teachers.
  2. Call the Pinney Learning Centre and register your child in our learning pod.
  3. Start learning with one of our incredible teachers.

Kindergarten Schedule: Monday -Friday

09:00 amMorning Circle
09:30 amShow and Share
10:00 amFun with Language
10:30 amSnack
10:45 amStory Time
11:00 amFun with Math
11:30 amGood bye!

Elementary Schedule: Monday- Friday

09:00 amClass Discussion/Learning Goals
09:30 amLanguage
10:00 amIndependent work -students will get 1:1 time with the teacher
11:00 amLunch
11:30 amMath
12:00 pmIndependent work- students will get 1:1 time with the teacher
01:00 pmCommunity Circle/Homework discussion
01:30 pmEnd of the day!

Kiddies Corner

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Parent and Child Summer BBQ

All our students and parents are invited to attend the annual barbeque. We have free give always and prizes. See you there!

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